purple_smurf: The Emcee and a chorus girl from 'Wilkommen' in the film version of Cabaret (cabaret)
purple_smurf ([personal profile] purple_smurf) wrote in [community profile] musicals_monday2009-11-02 04:26 pm

A Chorus Line - One

A Chorus Line - One

Performed by: Ensemble
Lyrics: Edward Kleban
Music: Marvin Hamlisch
Recording: 1976 cast
Download the song

Film (finale version):

I actually had a bit of an issue finding other versions of this song (even after the 2007 revival), but it has been an ear-worm with me for a while now (I think it was in the background of Glee, or something that sounded vaguely like the song) and therefore I need to inflict it on other people.

1976 Tony Awards
On Ice!
Sesame Street
2007 cast on Nightline

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