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purple_smurf ([personal profile] purple_smurf) wrote in [community profile] musicals_monday2009-12-21 07:17 am

Meet Me In St Louis - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Performed by: Judy Garland
Lyrics: Hugh Martin and Ralph Blaine
Music: Hugh Martin and Ralph Blaine
Recording: Meet Me In St Louis soundtrack
Download the song


Other Versions: (okay, this is seriously only a tiny amount, because... dude.)
Note: I usually visit the videos but in this case I just went on the search, so apologies if they have been taken down and YouTube didn't tell me.

James Taylor
Christina Aguliera
Luther Vandross
Kenny G
Bright Eyes
David Archuleta
Scott Weiland
Jackson 5
John Denver & the Muppets
Keyshia Cole
Tori Amos
Katie Melua
Perry Como
Ella Fitzgerald
David Cook
Twisted Sister
Bing Crosby
The Carpenters
Sesame Street

Remember: posting to this community is simply moderated, so if you have a song you want to share on a Monday, feel free!

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