purple_smurf: The Emcee and a chorus girl from 'Wilkommen' in the film version of Cabaret (cabaret)
purple_smurf ([personal profile] purple_smurf) wrote in [community profile] musicals_monday2009-08-24 07:33 am

Cabaret - Wilkommen

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome to [community profile] musicals_monday! Now that I've finally gotten myself a little more ordered (although not as ordered as I'd have hoped, so things might be a little clich├ęd for the first few weeks), I thought it was time to start posting. And what better way to welcome people to the community than with "Willkommen" from Cabaret?

Performed by: Joel Grey
Lyrics: Fred Ebb
Music: John Kander
Recording: Original Broadway Cast
Download the song

YouTube: from the 1972 Bob Fosse film

Other versions worth checking out:
Alan Cumming at the 1998 Tony Awards
Neil Patrick Harris
Joel Grey and Alan Cumming
Adam Pascal
General YouTube search
(I can't find any footage of Michael C. Hall performing as the Master of Ceremonies in a replacement cast for the 1998 revival. This makes me sad.)

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